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Audience Affinity

  • Targeted: towards top-of-the notch technical tips and hacks
  • Engaged: in scanning insightful content
  • Connected: for sharing the knowledge across communities
  • Helpful: in providing feedbacks and comments

Androidhive is targeted to tech-heads, developers, avid readers, internet entrepreneurs, and all interested in knowing What’s Up in the tech community!

Why Androhive?

At ‘Androhive’, we cater to a lucrative niche of visitors, having a passionate above-mentioned profile. Moreover, we seek rigorous improvement by serving users with creative and useful content. So, if you aspire to build a brand value and spread your word, we are ready to make it large!

Stats at a Glance

  • 2MM monthly website pageviews
  • 1.1MM monthly website unique visitors
  • 370K RSS subscribers
  • 130K newsletter subscribers
  • 100k social media followers (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Google +)
  • 6.5k YouTube subscribers

Advertisement Terms

It’s flexible! Yes, we offer a wide variety of advertising options based on your interest and availability. Also, we encourage creative campaigns like sponsored contests and quizzes. So, feel free to connect with the ‘Androidhive’ community and we will be happy to get you started immediately on the path to great advertising and promotional solutions.

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